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TwisTech Wire Forming tools

 The Twist-Tec Wire Forming Tool is a very functional tool that all your components are being assembled, and formed out in the open. With some tools your limited to the width of the inside of the tool. That makes it hard to build the longer Musky and Salmon spinners. Included with the tool are straight wires of different diameters to get you started. MADE WITH PRIDE in Oregon, U.S.A.

$29.00 - $258.00
Colorado Smooth 24K Gold ( SALE )

 Brass material, 24K gold plated. Use where more flash is needed as a attractor.

$4.77 - $16.10
Colorado Smooth Copper Polyurethane ( SALE )

Solib brass blade material, not steel.

$5.74 - $15.78
Colorado Smooth Nickel
$3.20 - $11.94
Colorado Scale 24K Gold ( SALE )

Trolling for Salmon in the bays and lower rivers.

$2.82 - $6.44
Colorado Ribbed 24K Gold ( SALE )

Colorado 24K gold plate for better reflection.

$3.09 - $6.44
Colorado Diamond 24K Gold ( SALE )


$3.09 - $6.44
Colorado Hex 24k Gold ( SALE )


$2.81 - $5.97
VMC 9650 Treble Hooks



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