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French Oval Lure Tape


$0.90 - $4.89
Plastic Faucet Beads ( SALE )
$1.06 - $6.45
Uni - Waxed Tying Thread
$1.40 - $1.95
Silver Plate Round Head Jig w/Collar, 7150BN VMC Jig Hook ( 1/2 PRICE SALE )

With this all Sliver plated jig head you will get the added flash and with the movement of your materials you 

will have a more productive Jig.

$3.75 - $33.09
VMC 9399BZ Bronze Barbless 2/0 - 3/0

CLOSE OUT  VMC has discontinued this barbless hook.

$2.62 - $5.52
Clear Drift Floats ( 1/2 Price )


 This is the float for the low clear water fisherman that thinks the float will spook the fish. It's not the old hard material that will crack, split and fill up with water when you cast it and hit a rock. The measurements is the full length of the float

Drift Fishing Yarn

A strong, stretchy, continuous filament yarn which is dyed using colorfast dyes preventing any fading. This is a easy yarn to tie, and cut to shape. High floating.

$0.93 - $1.62



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