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Mini Thin Ultra UV, 1 1/2'' Hoochies

These Mini Hoochies measure 1 1/2" long and are 3/16" in diameter with 8 skirts. The insert rotator

will also work in this Mini Hoochie. It gives the skirt a maximum flare, it rotates and shakes the hoochie.

$4.48 - $8.06
Kokanee Arrow Flash Dodger 25 Patterns

 One of the North West favorate Kokanee dodgers. Made here in Oregon.

$10.97 - $12.97
French .032'' Hammered Silver Plate Blade

 These finely detailed french blades feature a raised, hammered finished, dome and are stamped from heavy.032 solid brass sheet. Polished and plated finishes are completely free from rough or sharp edges. The hammered design of these blades will give a dimpled reflection, rather than the large flash of a smooth surfaced blade.

$5.91 - $62.62
Kokanee Dakota Dodger, 3 Finishes

  24k Gold, 50/50 24k Gold/Nickel ( split down the center ), Silver Plate, Copper Plate w/Polyurethane over coat to stop any tarnishing, finishes. Gold and Silver plating, compared to Polish Brass or Nickel is the amount of reflection thrown back from the surface of the dodger. Your precious metals will not absorb the light like the Polish Brass or Nickel finishes. If you need flash these are your choices. 

$7.26 - $8.62



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