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Solid Brass Beads

Good choice for bearings under you blade clevis.

Hollow Metal Beads

  Used for a light weight lure body, or body spacer.

Acrylic Beads

UV Acrylic Fluorescent Round Beads

  A bright Flourscent red or chartreuse bead good choice for Salmon spinner bodies. The 6mm and 8mm are used on Trout and Steelhead spinners under a bullet for a body.

Acrylic Beads

UV Acrylic Round Beads

Acrylic beads are Clear with no bubbles. They have a bright color to them, good choice for Salmon spinners.

Assorted Acrylic Stack Beads

UV Acrylic Stack Beads

  This is the bead used on the Wedding Ring Kokanee spinner. They work well on some smaller Salmon spinners usein the same body as the Wedding Ring spinner.

Wedding Ring 6mm Beads

Wedding Ring Bead

This Wedding Ring has a silver plate frame with clear Crystal. This bead will reflect the surrounding component finishes for maximum fish attraction. Used on the Kokanee Wedding Ring spinner, using the Stack beads

Acrylic Tear Drop

UV Acrylic Flourscent Tear Drop Beads

 Some times used on  top of your body just under the clevis. Acrylic bright red flourscent bead.

T - Beads

T - Beads

  This bead has been used on Salmon spinners for years. Made popular when the T-Spoon Salmon spinner first came on the market. Makes a nice looking body for your Salmon spinners.

Round Plastic Econo Beads

 Plastic Colored Beads

Plastic Faceted Beads



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