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Wedding Ring Spinner Kits ( NEW )

Diamond Indiana
Hammered Dakota
Smooth French
Hammered Mag Willow
Hammered Apex
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$2.97 - $3.97
2 - #4 Snelled Hooks, 10# Line ( SELECT ONE ):
Stack Bead ( SELECT 1 or 2 ):
Wedding Ring Frame ( SELECT ONE ) :
Rhinestone ( SELECT ONE ):
Kit Price, Blade Model ( SELECT ONE ) :


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Design your own special wedding ring Kokanee spinner. Select each of the spinner components. There are two #4 hooks tied on 10# Fluorocarbon line.

 The blade Finish is Silver or Gold plate, not Polish Brass or Nickle. Stack beads are Acrylic. Wedding ring is Gold or Silver plate with a Czech Rhinestone Crystal bead insert.

These components will give you a quality and high flash on the finished spinner.



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