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Slinky Shot Made in U.S.A.

Slinky Shot, .180, .240, .300, .330
Tight Woven Cord
Deluxe Tool MADE in Oregon U.S.A.
3 Shot Slinky Kit
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$7.96 - $36.82
Approx. number of Shot per ounce ( DON'T SELECT ):


  A high quality U.S.A. made product. This shot is a constant outside diameter and a smooth finish to make

a shot that loads easy in the cord. It's not SHOT GUN SHOT, they will be mixed diameter sizes. 

Pack Size:
 1# Pack .180 0 LBS Add $7.96
 5# Pack .180 0 LBS Add $36.82
 1# Pack .240 0 LBS Add $7.96
 5# Pack .2400 LBS Add $36.82

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