Woven Slinky Cord Made in U.S.A.

Slinky Shot
Deluxe Tool
Tight Woven Slinky Cord
3 Shot Slinky Kit
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$3.52 - $5.28
Approx. number of Shot per ounce ( DON'T SELECT ):


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 I'm proud to offer this made in U.S.A. product. Made of tightly woven hollow nylon braided filament cord, so the smallest shot won't fall out when sliding along the bottom of your favorite stream for Steelhead or in Lakes for Cat Fish. A high quality  product, in sizes Regular (.180"),  Magnum  (.240") or Magnum X or XX Cords ( .300 &.330"). Lengths available are the estimated average amounts of cord for use with 1#, 5#', 10#s of shot.

Pack Size:
 .180, 12' for 1# Shot 0 LBS Add $5.28
 .240, 8' for 1# Shot 0 LBS Add $3.52

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