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West Coast Floats ( SALE )

Made in Oregon with pride. Won't break, or split. You have to throw it in a tree to loose it.  With Clear Drift and West Coast Floats you have the best of both worlds. YOU CAN'T BREAK THEM.

$6.40 - $9.70
Bobber or Trolling Weights

Used to adjust you lure depth, under a float or trolling for salmon.

$2.34 - $4.50
Steelhead Bead UV Acrylic Orange

 These are a clear bead with no bubbles in them. The 409A Orange UV is my #1 selling bead used for bead fishing under a float. When using this method you drag the bead behind the float and peg it above the hook 3" - 6". Use split shot on your line to keep the depth you need to stay in the strike zone. Some fisherman will use finger nail polish to give them a natural egg look. Let the belly in your line pull the bead down stream. Small bead in low clear water, larger in higher green water. 

$1.19 - $24.35
Nail Knot Float Stops w/ Beads

Slide over your line to adjust your lure to float depth .

$1.86 - $4.26
Clear Drift Floats ( 1/2 Price )


 This is the float for the low clear water fisherman that thinks the float will spook the fish. It's not the old hard material that will crack, split and fill up with water when you cast it and hit a rock. The measurements is the full length of the float

Bobber Weights



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