West Coast Floats

West Coast Floats
Nail Knot float stops w/Beads
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$7.59 - $11.55
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These floats were designed by long time salmon and steelhead river fisherman who were looking for a float system that would work with a wide range of lure weights and be durable and long lasting. West Coast Drift Floats are made from a soft space age material that can be twisted (like ringing water out of a towel) or bent in half without breaking or separating. The line tube through the center is made from a material that the new braided lines can't cut or groove. The float weights are used to select the float needed to float high in a vertical position for a good view to the fisherman.. The color combination is high visibility with a charcoal gray bottom, chartreuse ring and a fluorescent red top. Ten sizes to choose from 1/16 oz. to 5 oz. The length measurement is from both rounded ends of the float, not from the ends of the line tube.

Pack Size:
 2 - Pack 1/16 oz.0 LBS Add $7.59
 2 - Pack 1/8 oz.0 LBS Add $7.92
 2 - Pack 1/4 oz.0 LBS Add $8.42
 2 - Pack 3/8 oz.0 LBS Add $8.75
 2 - Pack 1/2 oz.,0 LBS Add $9.41
 2 - Pack 3/4 oz.0 LBS Add $10.07
 2 - Pack 1 oz.0 LBS Add $10.56
 2 - Pack 1 1/2 oz. 0 LBS Add $11.06
 1 - Pack 2 oz.0 LBS Add $9.41
 1 - Pack 3S oz. ( NEW )0 LBS Add $10.23
 1 - Pack 4 oz.0 LBS Add $10.89
 1 - Pack 5 oz.0 LBS Add $11.55



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