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Spoons Steelie Style 7/16 oz. x .072 Hammered ( 1, 5, Pack )

.072 Thick Hammered
Treble Hooks
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$1.86 - $11.80
Measurement , Length x Width:


High quality, wide teardrop shaped, casting spoons made of polished brass, then plated with different finishes. These finishes will not peel off like poorer quality spoons made of plated steel. They were weigh for accuracy. Add a split and hook your ready to fish.

Pack Size & Finishes:
 1 - Pack Polished Brass0 LBS Add $1.86
 5 - Pack Polished Brass 0 LBS Add $7.74
 1 - Pack Silver Plate0 LBS Add $2.83
 5 - Pack Silver Plate0 LBS Add $11.80



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