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Deluxe Slinky Kits, Cord, Shot, Tool Made U.S.A.

Slinky Shot
Deluxe Tool
Deluxe Slinky Kits
Tight Woven Cord
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$23.47 - $24.79
Approx. number of Shot per ounce ( DON'T SELECT ):


These Slinky kits have all the Deluxe kit components to make the given sizes of slinkys. The NEW Deluxe tool will have the size tube to make the given shot sizes in the kits. The kits will have .240, .300, and .330, tubes, cord, and 1# total shot to match the shot sizes in the kit you select. These tools are made in Oregon U.S.A.





Kit Price, tool, cord, and Shot:
 .180 1# Kit0 LBS Add $24.79
 .240 1# Kit0 LBS Add $23.47



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