Magnum Willow 2 Color Rainbow Blades ( BIG SALE )

2-Color Rainbow Magnum Willow
Acrylic Beads
Vinyle Hook Tubing
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These special production blades have a Rainbow finish with a gold crystalline sparkle flake front side and 24K Gold Plated, Copper Lacquered, Silver Plated or Pearl finish back side. Color code works as folllows: 1st digit is the number of colors, 2nd and third digits represent the tip color, and last one or two letters represent top and/or back colors. D = dot, C = Copper Back, TC = Copper Top & Back, S = Silver Back, TS = Silver Top & Back, G = Gold Back, TG = Gold Top & Back, P = Pearl Back. Colors start from the blade tip up to clevis hole. Colors subject to seasonal stock.



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