Coho Salmon, #3 Hammered Dakota, Gold, Silver Plate ( 1/2 PRICE )

Productive blade for both Kokanee, Silver Salmon, or Coho Salmon

$2.16 - $6.30
Walleye #2 Dakota Florescent UV Colors ( 1/2 PRICE )

 These are a good Coho Salmon & Kokanee Blade. The Dakota blade is punched from .018 brass material. Then it is polished and finish plated. The gold plating is 24K gold. If your looking for a finish with the Maximum flash gold is brighter than polish brass and silver is brighter than nickle.

$0.98 - $2.36
French .025'' Hammered ( SALE )

Softer reflection, covers a larger area.

$4.88 - $10.58
Pip's Hook Leader Caddy ( SPECIAL )

 The caddy can be used to store leaders with large hooks or steelhead leaders in larger amounts. Use the different caddy colors to keep your hook or leader sizes separate.




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