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VMC V7199BN Black Hooks ( 10, 25, 50 Pack )

Vanadium steel hook is 40% stronger than your regular steel wire.

$2.40 - $32.10
VMC 9399BZ Bronze Barbless ( 25 ,50, Pack )

CLOSE OUT  VMC has discontinued this barbless hook.

$3.23 - $5.80
McFoam High Floating Yarn 1/2 price SALE

A strong, stretchy, continuous filament yarn which is dyed using colorfast dyes preventing any fading. This is a easy yarn to tie, and cut to shape. High floating.

Pip's Hook Leader Caddy SPECIAL

 The caddy can be used to store leaders with large hooks or steelhead leaders in larger amounts. Use the different caddy colors to keep your hook or leader sizes separate.

Was: $7.95
Now: $15.90
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