Silver Plate jig head ( 10, 50, 125 Pack CLOSE OUT )

Marabou plums
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Bobber fishing with Marabou Jigs has become a popular and productive method for catching salmon, and steelhead. Canadian steelhead fishermen were the first to develop and fine tune bobber fishing, and now it has caught on in the U.S. and Alaska with great success. The technique has been developed to a high degree over the last few years.

We’re proud to offer these high quality jigs to our customers. Scent cannot be used because it causes the marabou plums to stick together, preventing them from freely opening and moving naturally. To ensure theJig head is seen in low light and turbid water conditions we’ve created this NEW High visibility model. With a Silver Plated hook and head ( VMC V7150 Barbarian jig hook )  you’ll get a maximum flash from the jig, plus pulsation from the materials you choose to tie you jig with.

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